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Our Vision

POWER A SPACE means Opportunity and Possibility.

Our Mission

We create the environment for thinkers, imaginers, creators and achievers.
We provide working space with the flexibility you’ve always wanted. Dynamically size up or down to fit your needs. No matter you are freelancer, start-upper or entrepreneur you will find a private office, a dedicated desk, a hot desk or just a virtual office which most suit you.
We help to inspire creativity, to generate new connection, and to make opportunity under our roof with a cup of coffee. With the fully support of our team and our facilities provided, you can forget everything but focus on your ideas.

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Why Choose Us?

MTR Sheung Wan Station

We are located one stop next to the Central Business District of Hong Kong, right on top of MTR Sheung Wan Station. 10 minutes walk to Central and 15 minutes drive to all others major commercial area.

Office Offers 24 Hours Access

You can also find shopping, dining and entertaining in the neighbourhood. Besides newly refurbished and well-furnished, the office offers 24 hours access to cope with your needs. VIP Shower Room can also bring you refreshment after few hours of work.

Launch Your Idea More Conveniently

Under the same roof, our Event Space provides you the easiest and the most convenient way to introduce your ideas and to launch your products and inventions to the world.

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Event Space

Seminar / Workshop

Start from HK $ 300 /hour (Special offer)
Price start from $300 – $ 1000 / per hour Capacity from 12 – 100 person
Price start from $300 – $ 1000 / per hour Capacity from 12 – 100 person

Press Conference / Popup Store

Start from HK $ 900 /hour

Cooking Class /
Food Tasting Event

Start from HK $ 1,200 /hour

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